Action Groups

The Toronto East Quadrant LIP has launched four Action Groups that work on development and implementation of the Scarborough Regional Settlement Strategy. These Action Groups were formed based on common priorities that emerged from the local settlement strategies of the four previous neighbourhood LIPs in Scarborough, with additional input from the Partnership Council and membership at large.

The following Action Groups will identify, plan and implement recommendations and initiatives focused on enhancing the service delivery system in Scarborough for newcomers:

Each Action Group is comprised of members from the TEQ LIP Partnership Council, Immigrant Council, organizational stakeholders active in Scarborough and interested in advancing newcomer settlement, as well as TEQ LIP team members.

The TEQ LIP Action Groups were launched in June 2012 and meet monthly to develop and implement effective and innovative strategies to enhance newcomer settlement success in their respective subject areas through collaborative efforts.

If you are interested in getting involved with one of the Action Groups, please contact the TEQ LIP team.



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